Bigga | Baby Blue Throat Chakra 14-16" Necklace
Bigga | Baby Blue Throat Chakra 14-16" Necklace

Bigga | Baby Blue Throat Chakra 14-16" Necklace

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Love Incantations Baby Blue Waters Traditional Choker Necklace with 18k Gold Closure 

Chakra: Throat
Element: Water
- Symbolize: security, trust, loyalty, security
- It's potential effects include protection, calm, relaxation, and support
- The positives of pink are confidence, honesty, peace, calm, reliability.

Every set is handmade to order with loving intention in New Orleans, LA.

*If sold out but you would like to place a pre-order, go ahead and add her to your cart, then please allow 2-4 weeks for fulfillment 

Anklet Size Chart applies to bracelets as well. xx-small is a size 6". All anklets and bracelets come with 1-1.5" 18k gold extension chain.

Always Remember to Measure Carefully:
1. Measure the part of your waist, neck, ankle, or wrist where you would like the beads to lay on
2. Make sure you're in an upright position and the measuring thread is on bare skin
3.Don't dig into your skin, it should sit comfortably with a little moving room
4. Double check the measurement several times

  • Are the gems real? Why are these so expensive? All Love Incantations Gemstones are 100% High Quality Natural and Real Gemstones. 
  • Is the gold real? Why are these so expensive? We always use real solid 18k gold not coating, nor vermeil, this is the highest quality precious metal in terms of purity and strength
  • Where can we find more?
  • Where are they made and sourced? Everything in our shop is handmade in house from start to finish by Black Femmes in New Orleans, except for the cotton tie-on selections which are made by hand by Black Women in Ghana (gold-closure traditional are made in New Orleans). 
  • How do we donate? We prefer to do a direct to individual approach therefore we donate directly to BIPOC femme individuals in need or Nola mutual aid groups such as Southern Solidarity. 
Size Charts

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