Benefits & Meaning of Waist Beads

Waist Beads originate all throughout Africa. The tale we like most is that waist beads were originally used to hold up a sort of make shift pad and then evolved into a piece of jewelry meant for romance, marriage, sensuality, and an expression of femininity.

Today we see waist beads worn all across the global diaspora, as an expression of femininity, self love, weight loss/gain tracking and cultural love and homage to those before us.

Love Incantations waist beads are all about wellness. Our beads are made with the intent to signify an individuals sense of self love a black and feminine person. We use large quantities, often entirely, of gemstone - which are what you call crystals once they are cut down and shaped. Each gemstone, precious and semi-precious, gemstones hold individual structural properties and what some see as meta-physical, spiritual, and energetic values, that if worn, those specific values can be attributed to the one who wears them. If you don't believe in that, then see it as a luxurious and luminous reminder to learn and embody the traits yourself. Like a ribbon on a finger.

This has been done for centuries across cultures - for what seems to have been from the moment we were able to identify differences in them. From middle eastern and Mediterranean talisman, to Egyptian scarabs, we must be on to something.

  1. You can track your figure with our tie-on collection
  2. You can choose our 18k gold selection so it can grow and shrink with you (my preference because every version of you is beautiful!)
  3. You can use them to promote a sense of spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, and mental wellness.
  4. You can wear them as a pro-black self-love statement piece!

May every set bring you tenderness, peace, and love.